Most times several instruments are in construction at the same time – over there the raw case of a clavichord, aside of a nearly finished stringed harpsichord. For many customers I have documented photographically the construction of their instruments. At each stage of the building process I let any interested person look behind the scenes.


You can get some impressions from the photos shown here. And should you be interested in visiting me at Martinsgasse in Lennep, I would be happy to personally show you round through my workshop and to explain the instruments under construction to you.

News from my workshop

Shortly after completion: Polygonal spinet after Domenicus Pisaurensis. You can find further details under No. 11 of the “Italians” on the page Instruments. (Just click onto any photo to view the picture gallery with larger images)

werkstatt neu 2-1 werkstatt neu 2-2 werkstatt neu 2-3

Some impressions from my workshop

werkstatt 01 werkstatt 02 werkstatt 03 werkstatt 04 werkstatt 05 werkstatt 06 werkstatt 07 werkstatt 08 werkstatt 09

Suppliers and partners

To guarantee highest quality I rely on dependable and high class suppliers and partners for special parts and services with whom I have been working successfully for a long time: